We Could Write a Novel

We Could Write a Novel

We are not the type to normally write reviews, however given the service and professionalism we received from Kim Filardi of Signature Premier Properties – we could write a novel. For most people, buying your first home will be your biggest and most important investment to date. The amount of variables that go into a finding the “right” home is nauseating and daunting, thankfully we had Kim on our team.

The greatest reward of working with Kim was her ability to diagnose our taste and provide us with a bespoke variety of homes that met our standards. She is very connected in the real estate community and could have shown us 15 properties a day – however she listens, and by doing so made our search extremely efficient (and fun!)

Kim navigated my wife and I through all phases of the process well beyond what we would have expected from our agent, and acted positively on our behalf when the process met some unexpected hurdles (as is the case for most people buying a home). Lastly, and most important, Kim was incredibly responsive – even to our most naïve questions.

It is no surprise that Kim is at the very top when it comes to units sold at Signature. Whether you are buying or selling a home, Kim will be our first and only recommendation to any friends or family.

-Joe and Tiffany Szalay

Past Buyers Greenlawn, NY