Simply the BEST!

Kim is simply the BEST.  Her skill and kindness are unparalleled.  She loves her job and it is evident.   I’m a business professional who works in the real estate industry in NYC and have been told that my standards are too high, but Kim impressed me right away.   I first met Kim when she was the selling agent for a house I purchased.  Instantly what came across is her COMPASSION.  There was no hard sell – she wanted to make sure I was comfortable and that it was the right house for me.  Flash forward a few years, she remembered me and my likes and reached out to me out of the blue, to see if I would be interested in a house she was about to put on the market.  She described it as a house that would be perfect for me.   Lo and behold, I was smitten as soon as I walked into the house.  The smile on my face made obvious how interested I was.  She again was more concerned about my happiness – told me to go back, think about it, compare it to other listings and get back to her.  I came back with other listings.  She knew specific details about all of them – even though they were not listings form her agency.  This showed how intelligent, knowledgeable, and prepared she is.  She walked me through which other listings I might be happy with.  I recently moved into that first house and could not be happier – it is me. 


Naturally I gave the selling listing on my old house to Kim.  She walked me through which repairs or changes would make a difference to buyers and which would be a waste of money.  This advice was invaluable – I was so eager to purchase my new house, I would have done anything to unload my old house.   The changes only took a few weeks, but by then the market changed.  Mortgage rates increased, the pool of buyers shrunk and I was getting nervous.  Kim was so strong and positive.  She told me that we will get the right family in here and the house will sell for the price I was looking for.  Just a few weeks later, we got a great offer from a young family that will enjoy the house.  Again, Kim didn’t just accept any offer, she was concerned about the buyers – and how they would be able to enjoy what the house offers.  My security cameras caught a lot of the interactions between Kim and the potential buyers, I was so happy to be represented by Kim.  To her it’s not just about the sale – she cares about people, their children and the life they can lead in the house.  She is strong when she needs to be and always helpful .  She was on top of any issues that arose and took care of everything (no matter how big or small) at my new house before I moved in.  I would not think of using anyone else for a real estate transaction.  I’m privileged to have gotten to know her and am blessed to now call her a friend. 

-Past Buyer & Past Seller, 2022

19 Suncrest Drive, Dix Hills